Saturday, April 15, 2006

Keeping Your Lab Happy, Healthy, and Obedient

Kate Truman does an excellent job in explaining how to keep your lab happy, healthy, an obedient in her book titled Labrador Retriever Secrets. Kate is no special dog trainer but someone just like so many others around us who has labs for pets. What makes this book so interesting is Kate offers real life encounters and examples that she experienced with her dog Honey. Kate didn’t have all the answers when she decided to become a lab owner, like so many of us out there she began searching the web and reading books for training tips. Unhappy with what she was finding, Kate decided to do her own personal research and decided to write Labrador Retriever Secrets. Anyone who has a lab can and will benefit from this book, especially the ones who have them as just pets and around the house dogs. To find more information on Kate and her book, please visit


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